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The G-Bo and Double R USB DIGITAL BOX SET contains the entire collection of classic G-Bo The Pro & DJ Rei Double R mix tapes from Volume 9 to Volume 21 on PHOTO EMBEDDED MP3s. Extras include Volume 25 which was officially the last tape done by G-Bo and Double R. Also included on the DIGITAL BOX SET will be the Best Of Agent 106 and Best Of CED Tha Don who were often featured on the tapes. Early previously unreleased songs that never made it onto the tapes as well as current songs and freestyles will now be available on the USB DIGITAL BOX SET ONLY.

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During the 1990's a duo of Djs set out to transform the landscape of the mixtape scene in NYC. Using their imagination, a 4-track and superb skills they created monumental mixtapes considered by many mixtape purists of that time some of the greatest blended mixtapes ever. The following videos are Part 1 and 2 of the DJ Rei Double R and G-Bo The Pro story. Hope you enjoy, and please share! [Published on Dec 23, 2014] Source: CorrienteLatina

Part 1

Part 2

And the story continues...


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